Wilson Mattos

by Allen Bogdanoff

Wilson Mattos – A Short Biography Of An IT Specialist

Wilson Mattos

Wilson Mattos is a software developer and web-based marketer. He has been in this field for close to twenty years. In the course of making his presence felt in the field of Information Technology, he has been labeled a technology specialist, a Linux advocate, a brilliant marketer, an accomplished programmer, and a wealth scientist.


Since he holds a Masters of Science degree in Technology Management, we could safely say that Wilson Mattos has a good grasp of the latest in internet technologies. Moreover, he has the training to convert this knowledge into real world benefits for business. This statement could be confirmed simply by checking out his work experience.


According to Wilson himself, he has been doing a wide range of IT jobs including those touching on web services, networking, security, and storage. His most recent tangible roles are as Director of Systems Engineering for Paramount Pictures and as Senior Consultant and Technology Specialist under Novell Consulting Services.

Under both these companies, Wilson Mattos has handled global infrastructure services and played a role in deploying IT infrastructure for Fortune 500 clients. He has assisted corporations in their use of the Linux operating systems. However, he has since then set his sights on the development of SEO software. He has made the move into internet marketing.

Wilson Mattos Does Webinars

Thus we see him dispensing advice through seminar video recordings and webinars. Some of these seminars touch on info product creation. He shares his tips about how you can earn an income from your products. He has tips for promoting affiliates. He has tips for free and paid monetization strategies.

Under the core statement of “making technology work,” Wilson Mattos has also been coming up with brilliant solutions to a few technical challenges, mainly in the form of WordPress plug-ins. Two of his best known products under this line are the s3flowshield plug-in and the easy redirect script WordPress plug-in. These have been developed with his co-author, Jason Fladlien.

The Team of Wilson Mattos and Jason Fladlien

Jason Fladlien is a top developer and marketer in his own right. Together they have brought into existence such invaluable products as Plus One Profits, WP Twin, WP Squeeze Pro, WP Webinar Pro, WP Member Champ, Payment Shield Pro, Amazon S3 Tutorial webinar, and 6 in 6 Coaching Program.

In the highly productive partnership of Wilson Mattos and Jason Fladlien, many simple, easy to use, and highly effective WordPress plug-ins have been authored. The official count for this top marketing pair is two software product launchings a month, and that is the minimum count. In addition to this, and perhaps in support and assistance to their clients, they have started something called the Rapid Crush Software Club.

The Rapid Crush Software Club

For a membership fee of $29.95, this one of a kind software club offers tutorials and discounts on the Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos products. The discounts are quite significant for members. Aside from that, you get first access to the software that they are constantly coming up with. You get to test the beta version and promote it before the affiliates. Most significantly, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

Here then is everything you need to succeed as an internet marketer, as provided by Wilson Mattos and Jason Fladlien: training through seminars, tutorials, coaching, and affordable quality software.