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Webinar Legend

Update: Webinar Legend webinar replay is available here only until Oct. 18, 12 p.m., PST. 

Since it was released in 2010, Jason Fladlien’s Webinar Legend has remained to be the bestselling digital book about using webinars for online marketing. Also known as Webinar Pitch Secrets, it has helped many marketers reach six-figure incomes online. Today, Jason and his Rapid Crush team released an updated version of this course.

When it was first offered in the market, Webinar Legend provided its students with four focal points for hosting and presenting a good webinar. In this new installment, does Jason have any new lessons to teach? Find out what you will get from this new course here.

Why The Update?

In an exclusive webinar (webinar recording to be posted soon), Jason said that since 2010, webinar marketing has took off. Many marketers use it to attract clients and convert more sales. Being a fan of webinars, Jason has attended many of these events and noticed that many marketers handle webinars incorrectly. In fact, he said nowadays, watching webinars is “a pain rather than a pleasure.” Aside from trying to correct common webinar practices, here are some reasons why Jason felt an update is in order.

  • Jason is three years and $3 million wiser (his Nanacast product reached the $3 million milestone
  • Webinars are great for succeeding online
  • Many people are hesitant to use webinars

What Are These Mistakes?

If you have hosted webinars before, you are most probably wondering what these webinar mistakes are- and whether you are guilty of any one of them. According to Jason, these are the most common blunders in webinars nowadays:

  • Presenting incomplete information during the presentation
  • Communicating with a group rather than individuals (Never use “You Guys” to address the participants of the webinar)
  • Treating the webinar as a presentation rather than an event
  • Not highlighting that webinars are special, limited, and personal

But Why Do Webinars?

If you haven’t hosted a webinar before or you have but it didn’t really work out, Jason highlights some of the biggest reasons why you should do webinars. Aside from being better than long sales letters, webinars provide value and allows the presenter to connect more personally with his/her target market. Here are some other benefits:

  • You are giving customers a walk through the buying process
  • Helps make participants/potential buyers feel comfortable with you
  • Increases trust in buyer
  • Allows you to “naturally and easily expand” your business

What to Learn in Webinar Legend?

Webinar Legend will consist of seven sessions (live and recorded) that will go through different aspects of hosting webinars:

  1. Webinar Pitch Secrets
  2. How to be a Pro “Pitch Person”
  3. Affiliate Webinar Pitching
  4. Targeting Local Businesses
  5. Backend Webinar Integration Tips
  6. Automating Webinars
  7. Advanced Webinar Secrets

How Much is Webinar Legend?

Since Webinar Legend will be very thorough and has live and recorded versions (plus bonuses), this course isn’t like most Rapid Crush products that cost around $40. Here’s the packages and pricing options


But ifyou act fast, you can avail of this course on a discount. The special price is only available until September 3rd at 11:59PM Pacific.

What Will I Get?

Aside from the sessions with Jason, you will get these bonuses with Webinar Legend:

  • The “Quarter Million PLUS” Webinar Deconstructed
  • Webinar Landing Pages: Secrets & Templates
  • PowerPoint Secrets For Creating Your Pitch Slideshows
  • ‘Your First Webinar’ Tutorial
  • WP Webinar Software Suite
  • WP Webinar Software Suite
  • Mystery Bonus

Webinar Legend also comes with a 35-day money-back guarantee. Don’t forget, you have only until September 3 to get big discounts on this course. Here are more details about Webinar Legend.


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